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Monthly Archives: June 2010

My Love of the British Cuppa

Originally uploaded by HoBo1921

There’s nothing like sitting down with a lovely cup of tea 😀


I know my hands aren’t a place, but I wanted to include them in this project as I am reminded of my Nan every time I look at my hands. When Nan wasn’t well I would sit with her and hold her hands, we had the same bony knuckles, the same nail beds, same nail shape. It’s strange how genetics work.

I’m glad I have something like this that will make sure I think of her everyday.

Sweetdreams Nan xxx

I still canny believe I won. Aaaaaaaah! \(´▽`)/

The prize is a Nikon D5000. Will post the first photo from the camera (me with a stupid grin on my face, with two thumbs fresh) –

Here is the link –

P.S. HoBo1921 is my flickr name

Did you ever have a horror story about your school?

Ours was that in that tower straight ahead, the twins of the headteacher and caretaker had been accidently locked in there and then forgotten about, and now the tower was haunted.(?) Used to scare the crap out of me walking under that tower.

Kids, eh?